Raftography: It's About LIfe

Sometimes it's nice to hide behind a lens. Earth's inhabitants all react a bit differently when in front of a camera; life inherently knows when it's being watched. Some hide, some dance, others stare right back through the lens, some bite, some run, some yell, others strike a pose. It's fun to capture those reactive moments. It's amazing to freeze a moment in time that will never happen again. My name is Rafael Bergstrom and I am addicted to my camera and the world that it frames. 

Prints and wall art available throughout this website using the shopping cart.

If you have inquiries about photo sessions, event photography, or travel photography please feel free to send me an email at raftography@gmail.com. 

Aloha and thank you for checking out my work.

Untitled photo

Interview on Center Stage with Donna Blanchard

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