If There's Water You Must Swim - Raftography

Locking eyes for a moment and she says with calm calculation as if it wasn’t an odd request for information, “If you started a religion would you have any rules?” I walked onto a fallen log half submerged in the icy brew of snow melted freshness. Then, I sprung from the log into the shiver inducing pool and moved quickly back to the sun baked granite and back to the pheromonal draw of attraction emanating from her long dark hair. I had been reduced to George Costanza shrinkage, but gathered my thoughts. “If there’s water you must swim.” That’s the rule. Bergstomism was born.

The concept reflects my biggest belief - there is always something to explore and experience, but if you don't jump in to swim, you will always will be stuck on the shore wondering. Everyday we have an opportunity to reimagine our interaction with fear and create a reality that is ours.

My name is Rafael Dersu Schwartz Bergstrom. I’ve lived in 36 houses or kitchen nooks around the globe. I love telling stories of place, people, and emotion through a lens and now with the addition of written language. I am an avid practitioner of environmental awareness based in an optimism for collective community growth and rooted in us all being engaged in an era of dynamic change. I dream that the intersection of my arts, experience, passion, and love for this earth will ignite a personal and global fire.

The posts you find here will vary from personal experience, an occasional poem accompanied by images, a concept called the Weekly Wander (showing you the experience of how a day unfolds from moment to moment), analysis of an issue, and challenges to the norm.

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