Oxytocinergic Perspectives

Beginnings November 2016

Racooning into the night,

following uncertain dreams with a sauntering wander.

From behind the lens there is a perspective of the buzz,

the tangible excitement of an impending moment,

a moment's fleetingness into entropy that can be stopped.

It tickles to touch that timefreeze.

It's contagious.

Kissing the blue eyed beauty of oceanic salt,

empathetic energies emit from her curvy contours.

Knowledge through story,

barreling breath-holds traveling in flight. 

The nakedness of the world sweats in beautiful exertion,

cliff jumping out of shadows into the music of warmth. 

(a note on this exercise: I was having a period of time not long ago where my creative intuition was dwindling; I had written in a journal, "my imagination isn't stirred appropriately to create creativity."  So I created a challenge for myself to write down a series of words that related to my favorite things in life. From there I mingled the mind map into a poem which I shared above. Intentions are powerful forces to help move our dreams.)

Frozen Zeus Snot

Breaths Have Curves


Stand in Awe

Broken Yolk Bangkok

Bhutanese Buddha

Chaotic Calmness

Glare of the Booby

Reflecting Joy

The Oracle Of Oaks

Into The Deep We Go


When We Wander

Kick Fear Upside Down

Go Farther

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